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Developing Areas

Ashland is a developing community full of opportunities to grow and expand in housing and tourism.

The Housing Steering Committee would like the city to take a more aggressive approach towards housing development, including the annexation of available, developable land to expand the Ashland tax base and to make the community a more attractive place to live, work and raise a family. Three-bedroom owner units at a purchase price of $210,000+ and three+-bedroom rental units with a monthly rent of $685+ are the most needed housing types for the workforce population in Ashland, during the next five years. 

Three-bedroom units at an average purchase price of $210,000+

Three-bedroom units at an estimated average monthly rent cost of $685+

Five-Year Housing Target

New Unit Demand

Owner Units

Total Estimated Development Cost

The total estimated five-year housing target demand is 110 units, including an estimated 71 owner and 39 rental units. The total estimated development cost is $28.2 million.

Our newest developing area is north of town along Furnas Street. In addition to the new school campus being built, Icehouse Ridge will feature commercial and residential areas. Phase I is expected to begin in the summer of 2022.

Welcome to Ashland

Current Housing Development Projects

Greystone Estates – In 2018, the preliminary plat for this subdivision was approved and five units were constructed. Additionally, two units were constructed in 2019, with one unit constructed in 2020. This subdivision is in Cass County, but within the Planning Jurisdiction of Ashland. 

Iron Horse Subdivision – Development of the Iron Horse Subdivision started in 1999, when it was originally platted for 250 lots, of which 155 have been built on. Ashland is considering annexing an additional 210 lots within this subdivision in 2022.

Whitetail Estates – In 2018, infrastructure improvements were constructed and in 2019 the first units were constructed as part of Phase One. Phase One has been completed with the development of 50 units. Three housing units were recently constructed in 2021 as part of Phase Two. Phase Two consists of 25 total lots. 

Sabre Heights – This development has a total of 134 lots of which the majority have been developed. The first units were built in 2001 and the last three, built in 2021. 


Mary Beth Hafner

Mary Beth Hafner


Mary Beth Halfner is an esteemed resident of Ashland, Nebraska, known for her dedication to community service, unwavering compassion, and her passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others. With a warm and welcoming demeanor, Mary Beth has always been a pillar of support for her community. She has actively engaged in various volunteer roles as a member of the Chmaber and an investor in the Ashland Area Economic Development Corporation. Contact Mary Beth for if you’re looking to settle down here in Ashland!

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